Why we love Omsom, a vibrant brand of Asian food starter kits
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Make Loud & Proud Asian Food at Home with Omsom


Hard to say when I first heard about Omsom. Was it on Instagram? Buzz in the female-founded food space? When my mom came storming into my kitchen waving a copy of Food & Wine asking if I’d heard about “these great girls and their company!” (It wasn’t then, at that point I was fully obsessed with their Larb starter sauce and handed her a box of their Southeast Asian Omsom Sampler.)

omsom east asian sampler with cooked dishes

Omsom is now one of my favorite food brands, co-founded by sisters Kim and Vanessa Pham, the daughters of Vietnamese immigrants who wanted to bring “Loud & Proud” Asian flavors to home cooks everywhere. Their outrageously delicious starter packets of sauce – whether it’s sweet Lemongrass BBQ or fiery Thai Larb — pack an incredible amount of undiluted flavor. Add your protein, and an onion, and in 30 minutes you’re inhaling a restaurant-quality dish.

Through their quest to reclaim Asian flavors and culture, the Pham sisters have built a vibrant community. They speak directly to a young Asian American audience, and by being true to themselves, and the food, their message resonates with a much wider audience. 

Disney is excited about Omsom. Pepper Tiegan is excited about Omsom. I (who more than once in college drove over an hour to procure fresh lemongrass) am definitely excited about Omsom.

Sometimes my husband and I talk about moving back to a small New Hampshire town, like the ones we grew up in.

You know what shuts these conversations right down? Cold noodles. Sichuan Dumplings. Thai Larb. Vietnamese Bahn Mi Sandwiches.

I’m not joking. Oversimplifying yes – there’s a lot to love about the city living, but  introduction to the incredibly delicious, diverse and mutlifaceted  cuisines of  Asia — and my Asian American neighbors who make it — has been one of the greatest joys of living in Boston.

It’s comforting to know that if the pull of affordable housing and unironic-Carhartt wearing becomes too strong to resist, Omsom ships to New Hampshire.

Omsom Southeast Asian sampler pack

I highly recommend checking out the Omsom starter sets, but I also, asked Vanessa to share her some of her other go-tos in the pantry, because if you know anything about not just co., we think arming yourself with high-quality kitchen backup is the key to getting dinner done. Here are a few of her faves…

What else is in Vanessa's Pantry

red boat fish sauce on white background

“I make a batch of my Mom’s Nuoc Cham (Vietnamese Dipping Sauce) every week to put on proteins and salads.”

brooklyn delhi tomato achaar

“For my fried eggs with a sliced avocado on the side.” 

sze chili sauce

“Wonderful on noodles and dumplings, so savory and umami.”

brightland arise olive oil

“Basil-infused olive oil, sprinkle on a little Maldon salt and serve it with sourdough.”

5. Fried Shallots

“From my favorite Chinatown grocers, I love topping soups and salads with them for a aromatic crunch.”