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Gluten Free Snacks That Everyone Will Love


Years ago, when I was first diagnosed with Celiac disease, walking through the grocery store and finding an abundance of gluten free snacks on every aisle was a pipe dream. Chips had “starch” fillers, pretzels were only made of wheat, and the rare gluten free cracker tasted like it came from a cardboard compressor.

Thankfully those days are behind us and I no longer get raised eyebrows when I ask about the menu. (“You can’t eat, what, exactly?”) With gluten free foods in vogue (and also literally in Vogue plus everywhere else it seems) gluten free snacks are a dime a dozen. And also pretty damn good.  

Whether or not you’re GF-curious, a GF skeptic, or fully in the Celiac camp, these five mid-day treats stand tastily on their own, no cardboard flavor included.

Gluten Free Snacks that Everyone Will Love
(even your most skeptical friend or toddler)

You want pretzels? I see you Quinn Dark Chocolate-y Peanut Filled Pretzel Nuggets. And it’s not just me. The resident two-year-old eats the peanut butter filled bites by the half bag and I really can’t blame her. 

Onesto Double Chocolate Cookies are. a. gift. Soft and chewy and decadent like something your mom just whipped up for you after playing in the snow on a chilly winter day. I keep a couple of these in my freezer for days when I need some cookie-love.

The pantry cabinet in our house is never without nut butter, and for that, I turn to one of my favorite Southern brands, Big Spoon Roasters. When I lived in Durham, NC, they were still selling in farmers markets. Now they’ve made it to the big time, and with good reason. Just don’t make me choose a favorite flavor.

Another quick and satisfying snack in my house? A piece of (good) gluten free bread, slathered with not just pesto, and finished with a fried egg or a drizzle of good olive oil (Pineapple Collaborative‘s, perhaps?) and a sprinkling of sea salt. (Jacobsen Salt Co. is a perennial favorite.)

A gluten free snack roundup wouldn’t be complete without my favorite crackers of all time from Maine Crisp. A little bit chewy, a little bit crunchy, a little bit sweet. These are the crackers I reach for when I want something special for a cheese board or need a pre-dinner pick-me-up.