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Not Just Co. Holiday Gift Guide for Food Lovers


Our 2020 Holiday Food Gift Guide is Here!

Our 2020 holiday food gift guide is here! We kept it short and sweet (also a little savory) and each delicious food gift is from a female-founded brand. We know there are lots of gift guides out there, but we promise, if you send someone a pick from our 2020 food gift guide, your loved one will be getting something truly tasty.

Once upon a time, someone told me you could have this ice cream shipped to you on dry ice for $14 a pint. I spit my cheap beer out of my snarky, broke, 24-year-old mouth.

A few months later I had my first taste of a Jeni’s, and became a rabid fan; driving to out of the way specialty stores to squirrel away pints, and overdrawing my debit-card to satisfy cravings for flavors like Sweet Corn and Black Raspberry, or Goat Cheese and Red Cherries.

Since then, Jeni’s has expanded. You can find pints at some grocery stores (the price has even come down a little bit) But there’s nothing like finding a box of festively packaged Jeni’s on your doorstop. I’m sending this collection to the loved ones I can’t wrap in a bear hug this Christmas. It’s the next best thing.

This trio is a secret weapon. Spicy, rich umami-bomb sauces and a numbing-hot spice mix that we liberally drizzle on eggs, toss with noodles, and douse takeout dumplings with. Founder Jing Gao (who was born in Chengdu) takes sourcing her Sichuan peppercorns, chilis, and other ingredients seriously, and man, can you taste it.

Am I biased? Ok maybe, but we could not be more excited about our mixed packs, where you get one of each of our modern, multi-purpose pantry staples: Not Just Pasta Sauce, Not Just Dressing, Not Just Pesto, and Not Just Caramel.

Want to send someone stress-free weeknight dinners, and the easiest, tastiest way to turn whatever they have on hand into delicious, nourishing meals? Send them the mixed pack with recipe cards.

If you haven’t tried the english muffins from our Somerville neighbor Vinal Bakery, you haven’t lived. This small but mighty shop now ships, so you can stock a friend’s freezer with the most perfect breakfast food. There are no bad choices here, but the New Englander which comes with Andama  (a cornmeal and molasses old-timey Yankee bread recipe) and Classic muffins is our current fave. 

Clearly we are fans of tahini – the stuff is in Not Just Salad Dressing and Not Just Caramel – but we bow down to Seed + Mill’s tahini game. From the towering halva cakes to decadent-soft serve, and the sesame candy in it’s perfectly-giftable purest form, Seed + Mill nails it;  a beautifully-branded shrine to sesame paste. Take on nutty bite and tell us this isn’t the sweetest ending to our gift guide.​