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Let’s Talk About Picky Eaters

Never puts up a fight over fried chicken with BBQ sauce.
If only chicken tenders with BBQ sauce counted as a vegetable.
I was DMing with an old study-abroad pal — you know, from like, a million years ago, when we were in college, and you could travel places…Anyway she had posted about struggling with her kids being picky eaters, and a recent small victory (we’re all about those here). Her kid was loving some grilled chicken, and life was good. It got me thinking, are any kids not picky at some point? My four-year-old Jack will happily shovel sardines and whole tomatoes into his mouth one day, and proudly declare he hates everything except Honey Nut Cheerios the next. I tend to fall in the not-too-concerned-camp, as long as my kids are: healthy, growing, trying new foods, eating some vegetables, and not being absolute monsters at the table. But I also fed my 11 month-old 1/2 a torn up Gyro from the Greek Church Festival for dinner. Incredibly tasty, and salty. So maybe talk to an expert?  If it’s exorbitantly expensive, and someone else made it, your kid is 200% more likely to eat it. It’s science.
My Picky-Eater-Mom-Pal has lots of praise for Jennifer Anderson of Kids Eat in Color And MJ & Hungryman  So I’m curious, do you have picky eaters? Is dinner a struggle? Are these ridiculous questions because parenting? And also, do you have any tips or tricks to share? Yes, we make a veggie-packed sauce with no added sugar that’s pretty awesome straight out of the jar, but we are always looking for new ways to keep everyone eating well. If we can help you do that with specific recipes, or interviews with dieticians and other people who know what’s ups, please let us know. Drop me a note Catherine@notjust.co P.S You’re Doing Great!