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Welcome to not just a food blog.


We think if mom-jeans can make a comeback, so can fun food sites with great recipes written by real cooks. 

This is the searchable, printable home for all our easy, delicious recipes, including those using Not Just Pasta Sauce — and soon, our other multi-purpose pantry staples! 

So if you’re craving meatballs, or going gluten-free, or you want to use up that can of beans staring at you in the cupboard? Type it into the search bar, baby. And please visit our shop!

In addition to recipes, we’ve got cooking tips, kitchen inspo, and interviews with our friends so we can learn from each other how to cook, and eat, and live better.

What else? Well, that’s partly up to you! Please drop us a note hello@notjust.co if there’s something you’d like to see. Because as someone said today, “This is just a little baby bird of a website.” 

We’re still flapping wildly, and bouncing around the nest. We’re not going to make any cheesy metaphors about spreading our wings (gross), or catching worms (come on, this is a food site). But we are hungry, and if you’re here, you probably are too.

Let’s get cooking.

– Not Just a Bunch of Bloggers